Owen Sound Softball and Baseball has a Long Tradition

Owen Sound Softball and Baseball has a Long Tradition: From the 1980s Clippers and the Wawanekas to the 1990s Selects, Owen Sound has a been well-represented in these sports.

Owen Sound Clippers - mid-1890sOwen Sound Clippers - mid-1890s
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This weekend, the Owen Sound Selects are playing in the World Softball Championships. Although it is exciting to have a local team playing in such a prestigious tournament, it is not surprising. This area has a long tradition in the sport of softball and its cousin, baseball. 

Owen Sound fastball fans in the last decade or more have had a lot to cheer about. The Selects, formerly known as the Tiremen, have been a dominant force in fastball, not only in Ontario, but throughout the United States and Canada.

However, interest in Owen Sound softball (fastball) or baseball is not a recent phenomenon in this region. For more than 100 years, Owen Sounders have been playing baseball or fastball.

In the 1890s, the Owen Sound Clippers, behind the sponsorship of area businessmen, D. C. Taylor, G. P. Creighton and J. M. McLauchlin, were one of the strongest baseball teams in the province. In 1895, they captured the Northern Ontario Baseball Championship. 

During the era of the Clippers, baseball was a year-round sport. They did not play in the snow and freezing cold that is common in the winters of the Grey and Bruce region. Instead, the sport was played indoors. 

Owen Sound Plays Baseball Indoors!

Long before the building of the Astrodome and the Skydome, baseball was played indoors in armories, arenas and any other buildings large enough to accommodate a version of baseball. 

It is interesting to note that Owen Sound's interest in baseball at the turn of the century was unique. Researchers associated with SABR (the Society for American Baseball Research) report that indoor baseball in the late 1800s and early 1900s was extremely popular in the southern United States. 

Research indicates that indoor baseball was also played in Canada. However, one researcher told me that he has only found evidence to support existence of that sport in two communities in Canada — Hamilton and Owen Sound! 

Baseball and softball continued to be popular in the Owen Sound area in the early years of this century until the First World War. 

Owen Sound Women Dominate Softball in the 1920s and 1930s

In the 1920s, with the formation of the Crescent Athletic Club, those sports experienced an increased growth. It was during this period that women became more active as players. This resulted in the formation of Wawanekas. 

For more than a decade, the Wawanekas dominated women's softball. Perhaps their greatest season occurred in 1929 when they crushed all opposition in coasting to a 16-3-1 season. Unfortunately, their season ended without a provincial title. 

In the first game of the All Ontario Championships, they blasted North Bay 14-4 before 2,500 fans at St. George's Park. Game 2 was played in North Bay and was a victory for the home team. 

The deciding game was played in Orillia and, despite the presence of 400 supporters from the Owen Sound area, the local girls were unable to overcome the unusually cold weather, and the North Bay team emerged victorious. 

During the 1950s and 1960s, fastball was extremely popular in this area. Although Owen Sound had good teams, there were other teams from communities such as Allenford and Wiarton which claimed their share of provincial recognition. 

It was during this era that the ground work was laid for the future success of the Owen Sound Tiremen and the Selects. 

At that time, Lloyd Simpson, (the father of Selects' President Bill Simpson and the grandfather of Selects' pitcher Jamie Simpson) was coaching the Owen Sound Bay Motel Hotel team, later J.J. Grubers. 

He put a team of local players together and with his drive, determination and enthusiasm for fastball he set about to promote the sport. 

Owen Sound softball (fastball) and baseball have a long and rich heritage. The Selects (Tiremen) who have dominated the sport in the last decade or more are a continuation of that tradition.

A version of this story first appeared in my Local History column in the Owen Sound Sun Times on August 14, 1998.

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