Owen Sound: 1840 Onward! 

Owen Sound 1840 Onward! From a clearing in the Georgian Bay wilderness to a booming port city the 1800s were a time of growth and prosperity.

This month Owen Sound and area will welcome home many graduates and former students to celebrate the long history of the OSCVI. May 1996 also marks another important date in Owen Sound's history. 

One hundred and forty years ago, on May 16, 1856, an act of Parliament declared this community would be incorporated as the Town of Owen Sound on Jan. 1, 1857. 

Incorporation came less than 16 years after the historic meeting on Oct. 7, 1840, between surveyor Charles Rankin and Crown Land Agent John Telfer. They had met in a small clearing approximately where city hall now stands. 

Owen Sound 1840: Beginnings

Only Rankin's shelter and a few freshly-chopped tree stumps gave an indication that something was about to occur on the banks of the as yet unnamed Sydenham River. 

By Nov. 11 of that year, a structure had been built to store the provisions and to provide temporary shelter for the settlers who were expected to make their way to this area in the ensuing years. On that same day, Telfer returned to his home to prepare to move his family here the following spring. Only Thomas Rutherford remained, thus becoming the first known non-native settler in the area. 

The spring of 1841 marked the beginning of the actual settlement. Many settlers arrived over the first few years. Among the newcomers were W. C. Boyd and a future mayor of Owen Sound, A. M. Stephens. 

W.C. BoydPaul White Photo Collection

Stephens recalled in his memoirs that, 14 years before the act of incorporation in 1842, there was still little indication of what the future might hold for the tiny pioneering settlement he found upon his arrival. 

(It was) "An opening in the bush about an acre in extent, partially cleared; three log houses, one occupied by the Crown lands agent and his family, one for the accommodation of emigrants, and the third kept as a tavern by Hugh Gunn Campbell; about half-a-mile of street now called Union Street, with the timber chopped down but not cleared off; a deep, dark, and winding river, having a dense growth of cedar on either side with tops interlacing overhead, forming the only channel of communication with the outside world and looking very unlike the future home of iron steamships." 

As the settlers cleared the land, houses and commercial establishments dotted the landscape of the community. 

By 1846, the economic base now included not only hotels, stores and Ezra Brown's tannery, but Boyd's wharf and an infant shipbuilding industry

In 1851, Owen Sound had developed sufficiently to sustain a newspaper and the first edition of the Owen Sound Comet, and Farmers' and Mechanics' Protector, subtitled An Agricultural, Commercial and Literary Journal was published on Saturday, June 28, 1851. 

The Comet became a leading voice in the promotion of the development of its community. 

As the settlement became more active as a port, and consequently more well-known, there arose a sense of confusion. Some called the community Sydenham, as Charles Rankin had named it a decade earlier, while others referred to it as Owen Sound, due to its position at the head of the same named body of water. 

In June 1851, a meeting chaired by prominent area merchant, John Frost, was held to clear up this confusion. At the meeting, Owen Sound was adopted as the name of the settlement. 

Due to the rapid growth of the area, in March 1852 the government announced the creation of Grey County, effective Jan. 1, 1853. The same proclamation designated that Owen Sound would become the county seat. 

In less than two decades, the Owen Sound of 1840, due to the hard work and determination of those who chose Owen Sound as their home, had expanded from a small wilderness clearing to become the centre of county government and an industrious port facility. 

The May 16, 1856 Act of Parliament did not instill complacency in the new town. Instead, new industries developed, and in the 1870s, a rail line was completed between Owen Sound and Toronto, giving a year-round viable transportation connection to the region. 

All of these factors led to the CPR naming Owen Sound as its eastern terminus for its Great Lakes fleet.

In many ways, the act to incorporate the Town of Owen Sound symbolizes and recognizes the grit, determination and foresight of the first citizens of this community.

A version  of Owen Sound 1840, originally appeared in my Local History column in the Owen Sound Sun Times on May 4, 1996.

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Owen Sound, located on beautiful Georgian Bay offers a wide variety of entertainment and shopping delights for visitors of all ages. The city and its surrounding area has a rich history, parks and other natural areas for bird watchers, hikers, cross country skiers, etc.

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