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Owen Sound Became a City

Owen Sound became a city on July 1, 1920 after much discussion with the County of Grey

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Owen Sound Attack: Extends Region's Rich Hockey History

Owen Sound Attack: The arrival of this new OHL team is the latest chapter in the Owen Sound region's rich hockey history.

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Mary Miller: A Remarkable Woman

Mary Miller was a remarkable woman who made her mark in the history of Owen Sound as a dedicated teacher, athlete, a promoter of the CGIT, among other things.

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Growing Up Hockey: A Book Review

Growing Up Hockey author Brian Kennedy takes the reader on an excursion from playing hockey in the streets and arenas of Montreal, to Peterborough, to southern California. Along the way, there are hockey experiences that will jar your memory and bring a smile to your face.

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Owen Sound's First Doctor: Dr. Lang

Owen Sound's First Doctor: Dr. Lang arrived in Sydenham (Owen Sound) after a distinguished military career and a successful practice in Toronto in the 1840s.

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Owen Sound Fall Fair: The Early Years

Owen Sound Fall Fair has always been a very popular event on the region's social calendar beginning with the very first fair which dates back to 1852!

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Grey County MP Murdered

Grey County MP Murdered under suspicious circumstances, including the lack of police investigation, until a surprise discovery.

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Rockford Castle of Grey County

Rockford Castle of Grey County was the only castle ever built in this region. Its existence was a testimony to the fortitude and foresight of an early citizen.

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Local Politics an Ongoing Task

Local Politics an Ongoing Task: No matter whether today or early in the history of Grey and Bruce, the trials of local politics seems never to change.

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Southampton's Early History

Southampton's Early History was a time of identity crisis, and with a connection to an early Arctic mystery story.

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Sir Wilfrid Laurier's Port Elgin Dust-Up

Sir Wilfrid Laurier's Port Elgin Dust-Up: Despite the town's best efforts it would be the clouds of dust that would remind the Prime Minister of his visit.

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A Pioneer Teacher Job Description

A Pioneer Teacher Job Description illustrated how difficult it was for teachers, especially women, in the early days of Grey and Bruce counties.

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Building the Garafraxa Road

Building the Garafraxa Road was an imperative necessity to connect the Grey and Bruce region to the rest of the Upper Canadian colony.

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Bruce Peninsula Winters Could Be Difficult

Bruce Peninsula winters could be difficult, especially in pioneer times when transportation connections were limited to only a few months each year.

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1885: A Memorable Summer Job

1885: A Memorable Summer Job for Owen Sound teenage boys on the Great Lakes would have historic importance not mention a possible exciting career opportunity

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