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Sitemap of History Articles Lists All Content Pages

Sitemap of History Articles contains pages for visitors to find interesting and facts about the past. Articles of historical signifigance can be read about sports people and events, plus hundreds of essays of the Bruce Peninsula and Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada.

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History Articles Will Fascinate You With Real Stories Of The Past

History articles is a website dedicated to exploring the wonderful world of history through articles, book reviews, books and many other venues.

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Owen Sound Businesses: 1920s

Owen Sound Businesses: 1920s were owned and operated by families who had deep roots in the community and their efforts had brought success to the community

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News of War: The 1940s

News of War: The 1940s was supposed to provide the world with a respite after the hardship of the 1930s depression. However World War Two brought more hardship

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The 1940's: An Eventful Decade

The 1940's: An Eventful Decade in Owen Sound and Grey County: A war; a surprising political event; sports celebrations and much more.

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Canada's First Pharmacy Chain

The Owen Sound-based drug store chain of Parker and Cattle is credited with being the first pharmacy chain store enterprise in Canada.

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A Pioneer Community: Driftwood Crossing

A Pioneer Community: Driftwood Crossing, at the southern-most part of the Saugeen/Bruce Peninsula was at the midpoint between the Georgian Bay and Huron coasts

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About the Knight's of Meaford

The Knight's of Meaford have long history in that Grey County community. Their business forged by early settlers employed many locals and supported the economy

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U.S. President Taft Visits Owen Sound

U.S. President Taft Visits Owen Sound Ontario, a Georgian Bay port in a momentous winter of events in 1920 as Owen Sound celebrated its incorporation as a city.

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Pioneer Campers: Hope Bay

Pioneer Campers: Hope Bay mostly considered the peninsula untamed wilderness and some of the locals were not about to disappoint them!

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Pioneer Doctor: Dr. James Smith

Pioneer Doctor: Dr. James Smith, a local boy who became a doctor and served his community for his entire life was a testament to Grey County community spirit.

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Mildmay Ontario

Mildmay Ontario overcame competition from other communities to claim its spot in Carrick Township on an important settlement route to the Lake Huron shoreline.

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Owen Sound Stories: On the Attack!

Owen Sound Stories: On the Attack! Throughout the history of the community, citizens were not afraid to go on the attack to promote the needs of their town.

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Pioneer Theatre in Owen Sound

Pioneer Theatre in Owen Sound was a big hit in Owen Sound and across southern Ontario, Vaudevillians like Perth Ontario's Marx Brothers played to full houses.

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Water Quality in Owen Sound

Water Quality in Owen Sound has been an issue since the 1840s, two Owen Sound entrepreneurs in the 1870s attempted to rectify the situation.

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