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It is always my intention to be open and honest with the visitors to this site.

It is my purpose to provide information which I consider credible, and from my own experience and others, where permission is given, about our experiences with research, writing and publishing.

I endeavour to provide this free information passionately, with the utmost accuracy about how to solve and improve your enjoyment and success with this excellent hobby or career.

Affiliate Disclosure

One of the ways I help visitors to my site is to offer equipment and products for purchase. Some of the items I use myself or deem to be of good value based on my years of experience writing about a number of genres.

The companies that manufacture and sell the recommended products on this site are trustworthy and in good standing in the writing world.

If you click on the links provided for these products and purchase an item, then I stand to earn a commission, but your price does not change, as the seller pays my part. In offering items for sale in this way, I am called an affiliate of the seller.


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About Amazon On This Site

The seller I use the most on my site, but not exclusively, is Amazon -

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Why Amazon?

Amazon provides a large variety of items, is trusted by people, and has excellent customer service.

That statement covers my own experience as an affiliate, and a customer too.

How Affiliate Tracking Works

Some of the sellers I am an affiliate for will “drop a cookie” into your visit to my site and then if you return to that seller in a few weeks and make a purchase, I may make a commission from that sale.

You can find out more about this in my privacy policy.

The cookies that are used in this manner are completely safe, I promise!

Do Affiliate Fees Change My Statements?

Please know that earning a small affiliate fee does not change the information I provide.

If there are drawbacks to an item, I will always say so.

For instance, if I offer an item for purchase from this website and I am aware of a downside to using it, I will disclose this piece of information.

Advertising On This Site

You will see advertisements on my site and these are provided by Google Adsense.

I have largely, no control over what they are displaying, but hope they will be acceptable and helpful to your visit to my site.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them here on the contact form.

Thank you for reading this important information and please enjoy the rest of your visit to

Paul White ~ Website Owner and Developer

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