Paul White:
Historian, Writer, & Researcher

In you will find pages dedicated to most of the genres that have captivated my interest, not to mention, that of publishers, editors and most importantly, my readers. is a website illustrating my ongoing career as a freelance writer, researcher and historian. 

I have been writing about various topics since the early 1980s after completing a B.A. in History at Trent University. 

Although most of my work has centred around the history of Georgian Bay, especially Owen Sound and the Bruce Peninsula region, I have also researched and written articles and books about hockey history, both in the Owen Sound area, and beyond. 

For a more detailed outline of my experience please see my curriculum vitae on my Professional Inquiries page.

I believe that a good writer, researcher and historian never stops learning; never stops asking questions; and never stops stretching their personal knowledge limits. To this end, although it has been more than three decades since I started my career as a freelance writer, researcher and historian, and even longer since I graduated from Trent University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History and Canadian Studies. I recently returned to university and I completed a M.A. in history at the University of Western Ontario. The topic of my Masters Thesis is the impact, first, of the lumbering industry, and later, tourism, on the growth and development of the Bruce Peninsula. 

Although I have many historical research interests, I focus most of my attention to almost any aspect of the Great Lakes region and especially the Georgian Bay area, including the French River region. I always welcome new ideas and research questions.

I hope you enjoy my website, Please see my Contact Page if you would like to comment about my articles or to discuss whether I can be of assistance to you or your group.

Paul White

Where To Now?

Professional Inquiries  I welcome all inquiries and this is the place where submissions for professional projects can be submitted.

My Book Publishing  My book publishing career was a natural extension from my history articles that I had researched, written, and published with various newspapers and magazines. They are listed here for your perusal.

Bruce Peninsula  The Bruce Peninsula is more than a haven for those wishing to hike and explore the natural beauty of this region. It is a place full of rich history, as you will discover on this site.

Georgian Bay Sailing

Sailing vessels traversing the rugged waters of Georgian Bay predate the arrival of European explorers and settlers.

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