Journey Through Owen Sound's
Hockey History

"A really interesting book honouring our home hockey players. 10/10" – Lili Anne H

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journey through owen sounds hockey history


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The Stories of the Events & More Than
50 Biographical Sketches of People Who Have Created
Owen Sound’s Rich Hockey Heritage.


  • 151 pages
  • book size: 8" x 11"
  • 53 pictures both archival and modern
  • Owen Sound Mercurys' player list
  • more than 50 biographical sketches
  • team success stories
  • events that changed the course of Owen Sound's hockey history

journey through owen sounds hockey history

Test Your Knowledge of Owen Sound’s Hockey History!

  • What is the smallest community whose team won the Memorial Cup?

  • Who are the two Owen Sound hockey players who had roles in the same Hollywood movie?

  • What defenseman went on to a Hall of Fame career as an NHL goalie?

  • What Owen Sound hockey player was the cause of the Toronto Maple Leafs enacting an NHL bylaw to keep him from playing in the NHL?

  • Name two Owen Sound hockey players who won the AHL Man of the Year Award.

All the answers and more can be found when you

Journey Through Owen Sound's Hockey History!

hockey history

I hope you enjoy reading
Journey Through Owen Sound's Hockey History

as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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